Guidelines & Values

Who is the Victoria member?

Our members originate from all walks of life—yet all have a few common denominators.

  • Culture — Our members understand culture and its roots in the community. They engage with the world of art, music, painting, film, dance, fashion, and more.
  • Passionate — There’s a thirst for life found in each one of our members when they talk about their work, hobbies, and life itself.
  • Creative — Whether their business ideas are outside-the-box, or they regularly pursue an artistic craft, our members share a sense of the creative spirit. They are dreamers at heart.
  • Driven — Members pursue their dreams and passions with intensity. They are pushed to excel, to do more, to be better in every facet of their career and personal life.

Victoria Values

Members are expected to employ a standard of excellence.

  • Our members are kind — They are not bullies, racists, bigots. They do not subject others to hateful speech.
  • Our members are accepting — Understanding their own unique backgrounds, our members encourage acceptance and togetherness.
  • Our members are positive — Negativity and degradation strips the threads of a community. This has no place in Victoria’s network.


If any of these are not met, Victoria will remove them from the community.